Thanks to the Queen, now back to those beams


Simon Frost

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hi everybody,

I hope you all had fun with the extra two days we had thanks to her majesty Liz. Whether you’re a fan of the monarchy or not, I think everyone was thankful for the double weekend – why don’t they do the same every year?... I managed to squeeze a lot in, catching up with friends and family, although must admit I didn’t see any of the celebrations on the box. I don’t really watch much telly, although with international football on almost every day for the rest of the month, that is more than likely to change!

Things got a tad hectic here last week and the blog slipped my mind, but now things are a little calmer; I’m in the process of writing an upcoming feature today which I’m really enjoying and I’m looking forward to seeing the piece get turned into another visual feast by WPP designer Janice Morgan. As I said last time, I’m not one to give much away, but will just say that this one has a nautical theme, matey.

A few copies of the shiny new Issue 69, which will be on sale from Thursday 14 June (that’s next Thursday) have just this second arrived at our office, and at a quick flick through it’s looking very good, you’ll enjoy this one – of course it also means that if you haven’t yet got your copy of WPP68, you‘d best get to the shops sharpish!

That’s all for now, I hope you all have a great weekend, tarrah!

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