Friday 22 June 2012


Simon Frost

Friday, June 22, 2012

Greetings from a blustery Lewes! Apart from the wind rattling the window frames, it’s all a little quiet here at the moment – with just myself, Tegan and Derek holding the fort in the woodwork office while everyone else is away on holiday, on work trips or in the workshop. Ah, the life of woody publishing!

I’ve noticed the stream of your projects getting posted to our forum’s gallery is running a little dry at the moment (apart from charlton8’s excellent maple and walnut boxes). If you’ve got anything you would like to share with us and the forum members please do. We love to see your work, you’ll get some helpful feedback from the other members, and you might even get your work into an upcoming issue of WPP! Speaking of which, have you got your copy of WPP Issue 69 yet?

Got to mention the football quickly – don’t worry it’ll all be over soon. Another England game this weekend, a difficult one for me as my mum is Italian... up until now I’ve managed to avoid this battle of loyalties as England and Italy haven’t met in a tournament for as far as I can remember. I thought I might just cop out and accept an express queue-jump to the semi-final; that was until I saw who the winner will probably play in the next round. Sorry Mum, but there’s no game of football like that game of football.

Happy weekend all!



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