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Summer summer summer time


Simon Frost

25 May 2012

Hi all, It’s been a lovely week here in sunny Lewes – at last! We even went on a WPP picnic as a treat for winning GMC’s magazine of the month, which as a bonus meant we had something of a leftover nibbles buffet to dip into the next day here in the office. It makes the day seem so much longer (in a ...

That’s Show Business!


Anthony Bailey

21 May 2012

Hi Everyone, things are looking up. The weather’s changed to summer (well, for one week anyway), sales of Woodworking Plans & Projects magazine have jumped and long may it continue….and there are three woodworking shows coming up, a chance to meet and greet fellow woodworkers, some no doubt will ...

I’ve been feeling rough cut, but I’m oak-ay now (apologies)


Simon Frost

10 May 2012

Happy Thursday all! I’m a little late with my blog, as I’ve had a week off with a nasty bug. I’m alright now though, and it’s great to be back; apart from the obvious, er, ‘illness’ downside to being ill, being stuck at home infirmed is also about as exciting as Steve Davis narrating drying paint. S ...

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