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Simon Frost

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hello again!

This week I attended the annual International Toad in the Hole Championships, which were held at Lewes Town Hall. “Toad in the Hole?” I hear you say, and I don"t blame you – although it was the ‘International’ event, I believe that every team competing were from Sussex by the sea! Click here for a quick run through, it"s about as simple as games get.

Well, we arrived with the intention of spectating, but one pub"s team didn"t turn up and so my friends and I pounced on the opportunity to compete in their place. We weren"t expecting glory, but it"s novel to know that we"ve competed in the International Championships of a sport!

Our spontaneous appearance predictably resulted in a quick exit – although one of our two-out-of-two losses was at the hands of the team who went on to win it – and I"d imagine it"s the worst defeat attributed to The Pottingshed"s name so far... sorry guys. While in the early part of the evening the large room was filled with the clacking of many brass coins on lead and chit chat mutterings around the room; when it got down to the last two teams you could hear a pin drop, or rather, a toad.

Now, there is of course a woodworking link, and we"re already talking about a little joint summer project to make a table of our own. Perhaps it"ll give us the edge for next year! All of the ‘competitive’ tables were designed and built in uniform style by man-of-many-talents Ben Ward, but the various toads tables found in Sussex show up in different designs.

A toads table by Ben Ward

A toads table by Ben Ward

Have you seen Toads in a pub near you? Better still, have you made a table yourself? It"s a great game which I"d challenge anybody to play without getting somewhat hooked!

Until next time – happy woodworking, have a great weekend.

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