Happy New Year


Miriam Bentham

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hello woodworkers,

As it"s a new year, I thought it"s about time I introduced myself as the Deputy on Woodworking Plans & Projects. I"ve been here for a few months now and am enjoying getting to grips with the various tools; my friends are pretty impressed with my knowledge of heavy duty wood working equipment!

There"s plenty in store for the coming year at WPP: plenty of projects to fill your home with practical pieces, most importantly things to use for the warmer weather, which isn"t too far round the corner, honest.

One of my favourite parts of my job is the forum. I love seeing what everyone is up to, what people have been making and which tools people are discussing. Can I take this opportunity to encourage everyone to use it as much as possible?

Every month WPP features a "From the forum" section where we take pictures, questions and suggestions directly from the forums, so contributing on it is a great way to get yourself featured in the magazine.

Happy woodworking, see you on the forum!

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