A stool for the shed


Matthew Long

Friday, December 16, 2011

Well, I"ve just finished my third build for the Pocket Workshop Project, and it"s not come out too badly, if I say so myself. It"s really just a simple stool to help me hunker down to my workbench. Now, I"m a tall chap at 6" 4", so you can imagine that getting my eyes close to the bench top for detail work plays havoc with my back... hence the stool, which is a little lower than normal, to help me get as close as possible to bench height. I wanted to keep the design nice and simple, as it"s only the third project in the series, so I have used a slightly unusual construction method, which relies on the strength of modern glues. I won"t tell you anymore, as I don"t want to spoil your enjoyment of the magazine. The stool will only really take a day or day-and-a-half to make, so buy issue 64 to check out the project. By then, I"ll have an idea if the stool is standing up to the rigours of the workshop!

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