Pocket Workshop router table


Matthew Long

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Well, I"ve just completed the second project in WPP"s new series Pocket Workshop Project. On this occasion it"s a router table. Every workshop needs one, and the Pocket Workshop has particular demands. For instance, the table has got to fit in the space allocated, just 6" by 8". So I"ve come up with a design that fits onto the bench I"m using in the pocket workshop. With an eye on budget, too, I"ve recycled as much material as possible. In this case an old piece of worktop has been reused to make the table itself.

The table has all the usual stuff you need on it, but has been designed specifically for the Pocket Workshop. It"s in issue 63 of WPP, which is on sale late December... buy the issue and see what you think! I"m looking forward to using the table in anger, for some of the upcoming projects in the Pocket Workshop.

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