Workbench heaven


Matthew Long

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Workbenches. We all need them, and most of us neglect to get the right one. Even here at GMC, our workbenches are on an odd mixture of co-opted lumps of timber, some made for purpose, others more or less dragged in off the street.

So, in the next issue of WPP, I"m glad to announce that Alan Holtham responded to my challenge to come up with a high-end bench on a budget, and has made one for £100 – not including the cost of the vices.

Not bad, I reckon. For me a bench has to have three essentials... height, heaviness, and holding. That is it hasn"t got to kill my back, it"s got to be as solid as a rock, and it has to hold the workpiece securely and quickly.

Alan"s bench meets these criteria, but if you want the top banana, then take a look at Marc Fish"s, on this site. It is a thing of beauty, and makes me kinda jealous.

If I ever get the time, and the timber, I"ll be building one just like it!

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