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My day at Banff Farm, by Our Anthony


Anthony Bailey

30 June 2011

The editor has invited me to write a blog, mainly, I think, because he"s ran out of ideas... Curry On Woodworking was a little tenuous, don"t you think? So, here"s my day at work... Unlike everyone else my day doesn"t start at the office, mine begins down on the farm. Banff Farm to b ...

Curry on woodworking


Matthew Long

27 June 2011

Well, it was glorious Sunday for weather: hot, sunny... and I was in a curry shop all afternoon celebrating a friend"s birthday. Now I know the weather is notoriously fickle, and if you planned on a birthday barbecue, it was bound to rain, but I did feel it was a little bit wrong having a curry  ...

It''s hammer time


Matthew Long

16 June 2011

Erm, sorry for the headline, but it was the only one I could think of that was appropriate for F&C editor Derek"s and my trip to Silverstone to see DeWalt and Stanley at the Moto GP. As you may have read in his blog, I won the nailing up challenge, knocking in four, four inch nails in about five ...



Matthew Long

3 June 2011

It"s been a long, and hot, week in the office, and with no escape to the workshop. So, next week, I"m going to have to visit the workshop... Wild Horses wouldn"t keep me away. And after a week in the office, I know that that being a person working at the bench is Who I Was Born To Be. Ma ...

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