Matthew Long

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Well, it"s another long weekend, and I am watching some wedding or other, and then heading to the comtemporary craft fair at RHS Wisley Gardens the day after.

So it is going to be a very regal and traditional weekend for me.

I love going to any sort of show where people who enjoy making things get together. Obviously, my field is woodwork, but I find I have so much in common with people who love any sort of past-time or work that involves practical hands-on doing.

I"m sure there will be a fair few woodies at the fair, and my guess is most of them will be carvers, but there could well be a few turners, and even furniture makers, too.

I hope I bump into one or two of you while I"m there. At the craft show that is, not the wedding!

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