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Matthew Long

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Issue 52 is nearing completion, and I want to tell you about an amazing material that you can do the most diverse projects with. Plywood. Alright, I can hear you shouting, we all know about ply, what are you on about? Well, joking aside, I"ve make my mini projects this issue out of plywood and what I found amazing is the number of uses ply can be put to. With a combination of bending, gluing sheets together, and careful thought, you can produce an amazing variety of objects for the home. If you want to see what I"ve made, then you"ll have to buy issue 52. And, the decorative possibilities are very intriguing. All those stripes make for amazing possibilities. Anyways, hope you enjoy the way I"ve a-ply-ed myself!

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