Changing your mind


Matthew Long

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Have you ever got half way through building something, and then decided that it would be better off as something else. Well, I was making one of my ply mini projects, it was going to be a stool. so I came up with design and made the sides. And it all looked great, and worked well... being sturdy, etc etc. The thing is when I laid a piece of ply on top of it it just looked more like an occasional table. Go figure. Never one to be too proud to change my mind, I decided to finish it as a table instead, and looking at the finished object, I"m glad I did. I guess this sort of thing can only really happen on quite experimental builds, where you are, in fact, building a prototype. Anyway, when I look at the table, I think to myself, how did I ever think it would look good as a stool. Let me know if you"ve ever had any similar experiences!

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