Bank holiday


Matthew Long

Friday, August 27, 2010

Well, it"s Bank Holiday weekend and I"ve had another great week in the workshop to send me off into the holiday weekend.

I"ve finished one of the A2 projects for issue 47... the build mentioned in my previous blog, and tested out a lot of equipment for that issue.

Of particular interest is Irwin"s new take on the handsaw, their Evo.They have moved the handle position slightly, which totally changes the feel of a saw. It also has hybrid western, Japanese teeth, so it cuts on the pull stroke, as well as the push stroke.

I didn"t quite take to it at first, but persevered with the A2 build, using it to cut mdf and some accurate cuts on 18mm ply. I must say that after a few goes on it, I really started to like it. I think their claim that the rebalance means it is easier to get the saw cutting along more of its length with the minimum of effort is justified.

Well, have a great Bank Holiday everyone, and enjoy your woodworking!

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