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Matthew Long

Friday, June 4, 2010

Am down the workshop today, sorting out cover shots for issue 44. Now, shooting covers is a long and complicated business sometimes, though sometimes everything just clicks, and they happen very easily.

The idea is to take a picture that illustrates something in the magazine, that is instantly recognisable as a ‘woodworking’ picture, that is a great picture in its own right, and that also is the right shape for the front cover, and also has room around the edges upon which to put the headlines.

And, it has the added complication that, if it has a person in the picture, they have to look correct, and be in the correct position which, oddly, probably isn’t the natural position they would adopt to use a given tool or machine.

My options for this cover are something to do with the scrollsaw… Fred and Julie Byrne have made a great truck for us… and something to do with a toolchest made by a new author, Andy Maddams.

Tall order, or what!

Which reminds me, whenever I am on the cover, I have to sit on a box, rather than stand, because I am 6’4’’ and always look way too tall if I take my natural stance at the bench.

Thank God it’s Friday!

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