Decked out


Matthew Long

Friday, June 11, 2010

It"s funny how being a woodworker changes your view of the world. By that I mean, it"s almost impossible to walk into a building and not notice how well, or otherwise, the joinery has been carried out.

For instance, today I"ve just been to the pub to say goodbye to a colleague who is leaving the company. We were sat on a lovely rooftop terrace drinking, er, orange juice, when I noticed the decking, which had been screwed in place with Robertson head screws. Now, it just happens that we"ve had a new decking system on test from Festool, which uses their domino jointer to great effect, so I couldn"t help but mention to someone about the Festool system.

I"m officially now a woodworking bore...

And I love it!

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