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Matthew Long

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I was up in London over the weekend, and visited the Tate Modern. I"m by no means particularly knowledgeable about art, but have visited the place quite frequently in the past when I used to live in London.

The interesting thing that struck me about this latest visit was the effect working for WPP had on my appreciation of the art. A lot of the work on show is very sculptural and, in the past, I have either liked or disliked a piece based solely on the way it looked. Now, having been WPP editor for about a year or so, I found my appreciation of any of the works had changed, as I started to look at some of the work from the point of view of a maker of things, not just a consumer.

This led me to concentrate on aspects of the making of the art, leading me to wonder how things were constructed, as well as how they affected me visually.

There was one particularly interesting room, in which most of the artworks were made of timber. One very interesting sculpture took a huge square length of timber, about 4ft square and about 20ft high, in which the artist had carved back along the knots in the timber, to reveal the shape of a tree trunk with stubby branches sticking out... these branches being the actual knots in the timber. So it the process of making things in wood in reverse, so to speak...

Here"s a link to the sculptures on the Tate Modern"s website... see what you think.

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