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Matthew Long

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last Saturday, I attended a comedy evening in Brighton. And it was a great laugh all the way through... I haven"t chuckled so much in ages.

There was one downside to this, however, in that I made the mistake of sitting at a table right by the stage. Now, I"ve been to Komedia"s Krater Comedy Club before, and sort of knew that the compere (the very funny Steven Grant) would pick on people in the front row, but thought hiding away towards the edge of the stage would keep me away from the humiliation. How wrong I was... in fact it made it worse.

Sensing I would be picked on, however, my friend and I decided not to give our real professions away, should we be asked. The thinking being the editor of a woodwork magazine and a TV producer would have produced far too many comedy gems at our expense. So, when asked, I said I was a carpenter.

"So," the compere asked, "how long have you been a carpenter?"

"About 12 years," I lied.

"Is that an estimate," he came back at me with.

"Yep," said I, not thinking.

"Well, it"s bound to go up then, isn"t it?"said he.

The crowd erupted in laughter. Obviously all of them having been victims of unscrupulous carpenters. That taught me a lesson!

Often it"s difficult to know the best course of action to take. I guess you could say sometimes you just can"t see the wood for the teehees.

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