Friday''s child...


Matthew Long

Friday, May 28, 2010

... is loving and giving. Well, not sure what I can write about that, but Friday is going to be a day that gives me lots of fun, as I"m off to the workshop to finish off my mini projects, and I will love making them. (So it sort or works.)

Another fun part will be testing F&C editor Derek"s patience over his bench.

If you"ve been reading Derek"s blog, then you"ll know he"s brought his workbench down to our workshop... and, as he readily admits, he"s a little precious about his tools and bench.

Now, I"m trusting you all not to tell him and keep secret between ourselves, but I used his bench yesterday, as it"s a monster of a thing, so very stable, and as my mini projects are all hand-tool based, I needed a very solid workstation.

Let"s hope he doesn"t notice, or my head will be on the block. Mind, as it"s Bank Holiday, I won"t see him again till Tuesday... so here"s hoping Tuesday"s child really is full of grace!

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