Bank holiday

Nigel Morris

Friday, April 30, 2010

Well, I tackled my mini projects down the workshop and can now happily look forward to a fun bank holiday. I tried a finishing technique for the first time for a centre piece for a dining room table. It"s an oblong tealight holder made of ash. The finish uses a combination of black spirit dye, sealer, gold guilt cream and a Danish oil/white spirit mix.

The ash is wire brushed to take out the grain, then the timber is dyed and sealed, the guilt cream rubbed in and the whole lot cleaned and finished with the oil/spirit mix.

It produces a high gloss black finish with the grain picked out by the gold guilt cream. The whole effect is very striking, and seems very oriental in flavour. You"ll be able to see the finished result in Issue 43, out on Jun 17.

Now that"s out of the way I can look forward to putting my feet up and relaxing over the holiday. Not that the weather is looking that good!

Have a great holiday!

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