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Matthew Long

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I"ve just made a nice little mini project for the magazine... The idea for the projects is to make some executive toys, and this one is all about using a sprung bit of timber to flick a light ball into a pot at the other end of the toy.

I got the idea from a similar small plastic toy in a Christmas cracker. And, after a bit of trial and error while knocking the thing together, it actually works! With a bit of practice you can flick the end of the sprung lath which has a small holder for a ball, which then follows a lovely arch in the air and, with a bit of luck, lands in the cup at the other end of the toy.

And that"s what I love about this job, thinking up a design for something, building a prototype and then finding that your idea works.

It has to be said... spring is in the air!

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