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Matthew Long

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Well Matt’s off for a couple days so here I am holding the fort. Because the magazine is a well planned and choreographed production, having Matt off doesn’t cause me major headaches I’m pleased to say. I seem to spend most of my days in the workshop which is where I am right now. There’s a strong smell of pine resin in the air as I’ve been sawing and thicknessing stock down ready for several articles and like any self respecting craftsman I don’t like waste or unnecessary expense so I’d rather convert existing materials before buying new. However we are due a large delivery of manufactured board material from which to create project carcasses and other components. First problem, where to store 8 x 4 sheets? Since the workshop doesn’t have bare walls due to benches and kit we are a bit stuck. Luckily however the photographic studio which is my domain, just happens to have a large bare section of wall ideal for stacking against. So I think that’s where it’s all going for the next few months. Now all I’ve got to do is stack in the correct order for the jobs as they are due to come up. Hark, is that the sound of a lorry now? I think I’d better go and see, this could take some time….

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