Ode to the rolling pin


Matthew Long

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rolling pins. That’s right, rolling pins. Well, one rolling pin to be exact. Yep, it’s workshop week again, and for this edition, the mini projects for the magazine are all kitchen based. Hence the rolling pin. In beech.

It’s great to get out of the office and just make some stuff, as I always say. And I’ve really enjoyed turning the rolling pin. Just a simple affair with a round knob type thing on the end. And it’s come out really well. Gradually, over the months, my turning skills are improving, and I have just about managed to turn something that could be sold in a shop, and it only took an hour or so, not bad for my first attempt at a rolling pin.

But it just goes to show how hard it must be to make a living out of making such objects by hand. I could probably sell it for a few pounds, but after all the overheads, I would probably made a loss on the thing.

That’s the joy of being a magazine editor, I can try out things I just wouldn’t have time to in the real world of business, as I couldn’t make any cash. In fact, as part of one article, the rolling pin is probably worth more as an article in the magazine than it is in the real world.

And that’s an odd thought. So, respect to those who manage to make a living out of working with wood. I will stick to the magazine editing. I know which way the cookie crumbles.

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