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Matthew Long

Friday, January 15, 2010

A great way to round off the week... a bit of woodturning on a Friday afternoon. I"ve just completed a few pieces for a selection of mini projects for the garden, and had a great time. As I"ve said before, I never tried woodturning until I became editor of WPP, and I must say I really enjoy it. The great thing is you can slap a blank on the lathe, and then within a very few minutes have a finished project.

Today I turned a few cane toppers and a dibber, in oak.

And it"s been very satisfying! Especially when you start to get that lovely fizz of the tool cutting smoothly on a regular basis. Now, of course, my colleague Mark Baker, editor of Woodturning magazine, is the expert on this subject, and I"m glad to say he is more than willing to pass on his wisdom to a turning novice like myself.

And that"s the great thing about turning... it doesn"t take too long to get going on your first projects, but it can take a lifetime to master.

Just like blog writing!

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