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Matthew Long

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Well, WPP38 is finished, and in record time. Because of Christmas holidays etc, we only had three weeks to put the magazine together instead of the usual four. So many thanks to the WPP team for all their hard work, that"s Michelle, Jan and our Anthony. When it"s on sale at the end of January, you will be able to tackle some brilliant projects, from an elm table to a birch computer desk, and a new series we"ve just started. I look forward to any reaction you might want to send my way about the new stuff we"ve included.

It"s always great to get feedback from our readers, of both the magazine and the website, so as the year draws to a close, don"t feel shy about letting me know how you think the magazine is doing, and any ideas you may have for the future.

I want the magazine and website to be a place all of you feel you can invest your time and energy in, because we reward you with the information, projects and articles you want.

So, get the feedback rolling in!

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