It’s Chriiisssstttttmaasssssss!


Matthew Long

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Well, no it"s not really, it"s just GMC"s Christmas Party tonight. So in a couple of hours time the champagne corks will pop (well, the Cava corks, anyway) and I will have a tipple in the office with my colleagues before we all head off to a restaurant for a good feast and then a spot of dad dancing (really, I can shake my thang!).

Now, we are having a meal at a place called Buddha Belly, which is ironic for very many reasons – not the least of which relates to my previous posts on Man Flu (which has stopped me from exercising for a month now), the above-mentioned shaking my thang, and the great feast (it"s an eat-all-you-like buffet) I will hopefully be scoffing tonight.

To give you an idea of what I"m on about, a colleague of mine mentioned a T-shirt they saw recently. It read on the one side: "I have the body of a god." And on the other: "Buddha."

Yep, I"m afraid that after tonight"s celebrations, I will have grown my very own Buddha Belly. Well, it"ll all be bought and paid for!

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