Man Flu 2


Matthew Long

Friday, November 27, 2009

Well, I"ve manfully soldiered on until the end of the week, and am just starting to feel a little bit better. Just glad it"s friday so I can spend the weekend quietly, hopefully finally shaking off this horrible bug.

Thankfully, the man flu has only coincided with the work cycle which involves working at the office, rather than the workshop. It would be impossible to be working with power tools etc, while coughing like a good "un.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, this means that I"ve come in for a little stick in the office, particularly from Michelle... and the rest of "em are worried I"ve given them the bug.

Oddly though, the cough medicine I am taking says it will make me more productive... all I"ve experienced is more phlegm coming up!

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