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Matthew Long

Friday, October 9, 2009

Well, another week has gone by at WWP towers. We"ve seen Issue 35 off, and are waiting for the various proofs to come back so we can correct them, and send off the magazine to the printers. Believe it or not, 35 is the Christmas issue... talk about wishing your life away!

Anyways, I"ve given myself a great present to celebrate the Christmas issue, and turned a little corner of the GMC workshop into a small workshop just for me. The idea is to try and give us something that looks, photographically, more like what I guess most of your workshops look like. So I"ve fitted the area with the fold-down workbench I made in issue 34, and have used another, slightly more high end, bench as well. I"ve also fitted a tool board to the wall, and some shelves for the planes, etc.

And, if I say so myself, it looks pretty good. And the great thing is I will be able to work there under "small workshop" conditions, to get more of a feel for what you guys have to work with. And this should help get a more authentic feel to our projects, and help decide which projects are more suitable.

But, more than that, I am now a little possessive of "my side" of the workshop, and miss being there already...

And that"s how we get about our workshops, isn"t it. It"s our own little bit of heaven, where we get to do the things we love doing, and have our tools and timber exactly how we want it.

So, my Christmas has come very early... I"ve got my own little piece of workshop heaven!

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