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Friday 17 October 2008

Tracy Owen turns four bowls that can fit together like a jigsaw


Over the past several years I have been making off-centre pieces of work - turning more than one bowl form out of the same piece of wood. These have mainly been two bowls, but have been as many as four, which usually run into one another. This type of work is normally made from very irregular shaped pieces of wood.

The piece of ash (Fraxinus sp) for this project had been kicking around for five or six years and because of its unusual shape I had been unsure how to cut it, let alone what to make from it so it was put on one side until I could find the best use for it. Recently I decided it was about time I got the saw to it. With it being such an unusual shape it had to be cut using my chainsaw rather than the bandsaw. It was cut it into four slices, the smallest of which had some splits and cracks in it and went straight into the fire pile.

I chose the centre slab of the remaining three for this project, as it was the best overall shaped piece for it. My first thought was to make this as one piece with four bowls forms. Then I had the idea of cutting it into four separate pieces so that it fit together like a jigsaw. It could then be used together or as individual bowls.

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"I had the idea of cutting it into four separate pieces so that it fit together like a jigsaw"

The Timber

The unusual ash growth cut into slabs, the smallest one having already been scrapped. For this project I used the middle piece of the remaining three
The top face of the previously mentioned piece of ash
When I removed the bark some of it was damaged in places so it all had to be removed. Had it been intact I might have been tempted to leave it on the finished piece. I took care not to damage the wood directly under the bark so that it would only need a light sandblasting

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