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Tuesday 16 December 2008

Adrian King creates a clock that doubles as an executive toy

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I had been experimenting with off-centre lathe sculptures like the one illustrated here and decided to make a clock of a similar shape. This was all very well, but I couldn't decide on the shape of a stand that would provide stability without looking too heavy - so I opted for mobility instead, dispensing with a mounting and leaving the clock free to rock; thus doubling as a toy to aid executive thought!

I cut the blank for my first effort on the bandsaw and refined the shape with rasps and a carpenter's scraper which enabled me to produce a compound curve, but it took time to create a good, smooth, 'rocking' profile. Obviously the best way to make accurate curves was to turn them off-centre and to mount two blanks together on a jig to reduce vibration. If you only want to make a single clock, one blank could be a piece of scrap wood of a similar weight.

David Preece

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"I opted for mobility, dispensing with a mounting and leaving the clock free to rock"

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