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Monday 29 September 2008

Mark Baker creates texture with these knurling tools


Knurling tools have been used for many years and there have been adaptations of these particular tools to create textures and patterns on work.

These three tools from Wagner are precision knurling tools with hardened toothed wheels. They are simple to use and designed to create a texture, or I would say knurled design, in a user-chosen area.

They comprise of a ground square stock shank with a rubber sleeve which acts as the handle area; a fork in the end houses the knurling wheel. This is held in place by a machine ground pin. It is as simple as that but there are three sizes available - one with a narrow wheel for small work with a narrow 6mm (1/4in) wheel with a fine 16tpi knurl pattern and 10mm (3/8in) wheel sizes with either a 12 or 16tpi knurl pattern.

How they work

The wheels run true and are very precise. There is no play in them at all so one can approach with confidence. It is simply a case or deciding where to texture/knurl. Set the lathe at a low rpm (500rpm is a good speed to try first, adjust the speed up or downwards as desired), present the tool horizontally to the work and push into the work with firm applied and sustained pressure. The wheel will rotate with the wood and 'indent' the work with the knurling pattern. Obviously, the finer the teeth pattern, the finer the knurl. I found that like most textures, it is best used in a small area and looks best when contrasted against plain-turned areas. The cutters do not need sharpening, so are likely to last a lifetime.

The instructions are clear and concise. and there is a You Tube link from the Craft Supplies catalogue showing how to use and maintain the tool. This is likely to be the norm for tools in the future and is an ideal way of seeing how to use a tool before buying one.

Manufacturer's opinion

Create eye-catching textures on spinning tops, boxes, ornaments, and other small projects. Diamonds, spirals, swirls and other textures will add interest and value to your work along with added enjoyment while you turn. Designed by Joe Wagner of Salt Lake City, Utah to texture his signature Acorn birdhouse ornaments, the number of different textures you can create with these unique tools is limited only by your imagination. Available in 1/4in (16tpi only) and 3/8in wheel widths in 12 or 16tpi (teeth per inch), the 1/4in size is recommended for texturing smaller, narrower areas while the 3/8in size is ideal for larger surfaces. Note: For use on flat or rounded areas only. Will not work on concave surfaces


The tool is one of those items that is superbly made and designed to do what is says it does with the minimum of fuss and explanation.

It is a low-cost item that will enable turners to explore some texturing ideas with a minimum cost outlay. I truly believe it is an excellent accompaniment for any turners' tool kit.

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"The tool is... superbly made and designed to do what is says it does"

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Wagner Texturing Tools
Price (correct at time of publication): $39.99 each
155-0013 Wagner texturing tool 6mm (1/4in) wide wheel x 16tpi
155-0015 Wagner Texturing Tool 10mm (3/8in) wide wheel x 12tpi
155-0014 Wagner Texturing Tool 10mm (3/8in) wide wheel x 16tpi
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Although these texturing tools are a low cost, they are superbly made

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