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Thursday 31 March 2011

Peter Charles Fagg looks at this dedicated multi tip hollowing tool from Robert Sorby


As with all Robert Sorby tooling the quality of this multi-tip hollowing tool is self-evident and all components were well presented.

The kit comprises two swivelling tips with different end profiles and a teardrop scraper that fits onto a shaft which has one flat and one round face. Therefore, all the tips can be used in conventional scraping mode with the flat face against the toolrest, but the teardrop cutter can also be used in shear scraping mode with the round section of the shaft on the rest.

In use

Using the standard french-curve swivelling cutting tip was relatively easy once the angle of attack had been established. Cutting progressed rapidly and an undercut lip on an end grain bowl was produced in a very short period of time. The finish was not great but it has to be remembered that I was cutting end grain and depending on the wood used - either dense or open grained, wet or dry timber - results will vary as a result.

Sharpening was a problem until I realised I could leave the tip mounted in the holder to re-grind. You can also hone the tips rather than grind them.

Repositioning the cutter tip is tricky at first as the adjustment is upside down, but when mastered, the adjustment is easy.

I managed to create a raised pip in the bottom centre, but this can be removed with the teardrop tip in a combination of conventional or shear scraping mode, and this tip will clean up the surface after the swivelling tips have been used.


The shear cutting tips worked excellently, producing a fine finish straight from the packaging. As with all these types of tool, experience will mean that correct tool presentation angles will soon become second nature.

Tegan Foley

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Performance: 85%
Ease of use: 80%
Build quality: 98%


Price: £60.50 - you can also buy a smaller version of the tool (the RS100KT) which costs £49.75 (prices inc VAT at 20%) Contact: Robert Sorby
Tel: 0114 225 0700

Second Opinion - Mark Baker

The RS200KT is a tool that allows you to tackle fine finishing, with the tool used in either conventional or shear scraper mode. The teardrop cutter can be moved to suit a wide range of shapes. I find that honing gives the best sharpening results. The smaller swivelling tips allow for quick hollowing and undercutting. As with any tool, it does take a bit of getting used to and practice is rewarded with a very efficient cutting tool.