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Monday 4 November 2013

Walter Hall tries out this new versatile hollowing tool, which, in his opinion, provides excellent value for money

As its name suggests, this tool is a smaller version of the Crown Revolution hollowing tool. It comes supplied with a 'Super Ring' cutter and a scraping cutter, which are retained by means of socket screws in an articulated head unit attached to a round shaft and fixed wooden handle. The Super Ring is a ring cutter fitted with a brass limiter, which acts as a chipbreaker, limiting the depth of cut and minimising catches. This is easily adjusted to vary the depth of cut, but in practice, it is just as easy to vary the cut by adjusting the angle at which the tool is presented to the work by rotating the shaft on the toolrest.

I have previously done all of my end grain hollowing with a spindle gouge and home-made scrapers so I was interested to see how this dedicated hollowing tool compared. I found I was able to rough out very quickly with the Super Ring once I had gained confidence with the tool and the finishing cuts left little need for scraping or sanding. The scraping cutter is an effective finishing tool, which can be used either horizontally or tilted to 45 degrees in a shear scraping action. It too produces a fine finish whether used in end-grain or cross-grain work. Sharpening of both tools is straightforward if the supplied instructions are followed, although I found that I was able to do a considerable amount of work before sharpening was required.


In my opinion, this versatile tool provides excellent value for money, especially for those who do little end-grain work and cannot justify the expense of a full-sized hollowing system.


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Price: £45
Contact: Crown Hand Tools
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