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Friday 24 February 2012

Chris West looks at this condiment mill mechanism from CeraStar and comments that he will certainly be buying more for future mills that he makes


This mill features a ceramic milling mechanism with a stainless steel stem and fittings. The ceramic grinding mechanism allows it to be used for salt, pepper

and a range of other spices.

What it is

The individual parts of the mechanism come as one package with separate stems being available. The mill mechanism has a spring and retainer which fits just above the grinding parts. This allows the finial nut to be under tension for adjustment to your preferred grind.

Providing a stainless steel stem means that the mills will not corrode when used with the likes of salt, for example. They are available in lengths of 100, 125, 150, 200 and 255mm (4, 5, 6, 8 and 10in). The stem has 20mm (3/4in) of 5mm (3/16in) thread which allows for discrepancy in the lengths of body and top you choose to design.

The accompanying instructions are clear allowing a turner who is new to mill making to competently design and turn their mill. The photographs clearly show the components and the order in which they are assembled and fitted.

In use

A slight disadvantage with this mechanism is that the #3 gauge screws are extremely small, giving rise to the need to pre-drill 1mm (3/64) holes and the requirement for a very small star shaped (Phillips) screwdriver.

Care needs to be taken when screwing the mechanism parts into the wood or the head of the screw can be burred over, thus making it difficult to tighten or undo. I understand that spare screws are available in the event of dropping one amongst the shavings or damaging the head.

I have only had time to use the mill I turned for a few days, but everything appears to be working well. I can report that the grinding mechanism continues to emit the grain sizes I want without clogging up.


The price of the mechanism and stem is very competitive compared to that of others on the global market, and I have enough confidence in them to buy more for future mills.

Tegan Foley

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Build quality: 85%
Performance: 95%
Ease of use: 80%


Prices: from £5.70 (for 100mm (4in) size) up to £7.10 (for 255mm (10in) size) (prices inc VAT)
Contact: The ToolPost
Tel: 01235 511 101

The mill features a ceramic milling mechanism with a stainless steel stem and fittings (PHOTOGRAPHS BY CHRIS WEST)