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Tuesday 8 July 2014

Walter Hall tries out two polishing compounds, which are both ideal for imparting a high gloss finish on your turnings


Profile 300 Rapid Cut is described as a mid-range, high gloss, water-based compound capable of removing P1,000-P1,200 dry abrasive marks while Profile 500 Light Cut liquid compound is a light cut, water-based compound used primarily as a second finishing step to remove swirl marks and give a high gloss finish. I decided to try both of them out.

In addition to the compounds tested, the range also includes Profile 700, which is an even finer compound for painted and lacquered surfaces and the coarser Profile 200, which will remove scratch marks from dry abrasives up to 800 grit.

In use

I tested the Profile 300 and Profile 500 compounds on an acrylic pen blank and on a pen blank finished with cyanoacrylate. Both were first sanded through the grits to 1,000 using Rhynogrip dry abrasive before polishing with Profile 300 and burnishing with Profile 500. Both materials were applied using a non-woven safety cloth and polished off with microfibre cloths. On both materials the results were impressive to the naked eye and even when viewed through an x30 loupe there was little evidence of any remaining scratches or swirl marks. This is as good as or better than any other finishing system I have used on these materials.

As a final test, I tried the compounds on a solid surface material - Corian type - where it produced equally satisfactory results.

The compounds have wide application and I found that the finer Profile 300 also effectively removed swirl marks from car paintwork while the Profile 500 eradicated scratches on a brushed stainless steel fridge and freezer.


There is a wide range of fine abrasive materials and compounds available to woodturners for the fine polishing of gloss finishes and these products from Farecla are as good as any I have tried. They will take their place alongside some of my old favourites and may well become my 'go to' finish for acrylics. These products, used after sanding with dry abrasives such as Micromesh, will provide an excellent finishing system for anyone making pens or similar small turned items.

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