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Thursday 5 February 2009

Colin Simpson finds this collet system to be a real time saver

Fastloc Collet System

This collet system is ideal for accurately holding small diameter work. There are seven different collet sizes available, ranging from 6.5mm (1/4in) to 15.5mm (5/8in). Suitably sized square section stock can also be held by placing the corners of the square in the slits of the collet and the collets themselves are machined from acetyl copolymer and grip the workpiece well, when a double taper is used. A brass collar screws onto the body of the chuck and compresses a taper onto the collet, thereby tightening it onto the workpiece. Whilst there is a little tolerance, I found you do have to be fairly accurate when sizing the spigots to go into

the collets.

In use

The steel body of the Fastloc collet system can be mounted onto the duplex chuck jaws (DJ45 to DJ90). Alternatively, an accessory can be purchased (the DAH38) that fits into the body of the duplex chuck and holds the Fastloc body with great accuracy. If your lathe has an M33 x 3.5, 1in x 8tpi or 1 1/4in x 8 tpi spindle thread, the Fastloc collet system can be purchased with a threaded body to fit directly onto your lathe's spindle.


I turned a small finial using the 14mm collet and found it gripped well and accurately. This method of holding work is ideal for those who like to turn doll's house furniture, jewellery, or any small or miniature work. A useful tip for turner's who have a hollow spindle and need to turn a number of items identically, is to turn a long length of dowel and feed it through the headstock spindle. Grip the length you need in the fastloc chuck, turn it and then part off. Loosen the brass collar, feed the next length through, tighten the collar and turn the next piece. I found this to be a great time saver and I hope you also find it useful.

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"The Fastloc collet system can be purchased with a threaded body to fit directly onto the lathe spindle"

The Numbers

Fastloc Collet System
Prices (Inc. VAT):
Fastloc system (chuck body, brass collar and all 7 collets): start from £62.50 depending on spindle size
Chuck only: from £21.25
Collets: £6.40


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