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Monday 19 August 2013

Mark Baker reports from this bi-annual event which featured a range of international demonstrators, stunning pieces on display as well as pieces from the personal collection of Dale Nish


The dates chosen for this year's Symposium were 16-18 May, and as always, it was a real treat to be able to be there and witness and interact with various elements of the event. I was last at the event in 2007 and since then, the venue has moved from Brigham Young University in Provo to Utah Valley the main University campus in Orem, which is just down the road from Provo. It took me a while to get used to the new location, which was new to me, despite the move having been a few years back, but in truth, I preferred it. There was just so much more space. It seemed that there was less time spent walking between demo areas and there was much more space for everything. There were more seats for people watching demonstrations and the audio and visual setup was super, meaning people could see and hear everything clearly.

The line-up of demonstrators was such that between them they covered nearly every conceivable area of turning and enhancement that could be demonstrated within the time slots allocated. The Instant Gallery was an absolute treat, but it was, as always, a dilemma for people to decide which rotations to see. The people staffing the Instant Gallery did an amazing job. There was a professional photographer taking photos of each piece of work on display so a souvenir DVD could be obtained. Everyone was so helpful and everything was done with a smile.

In addition to the demonstrators and attendees' work on display, there was a special exhibition of some of the work from Dale Nish's personal collection. This gave a wonderful historical perspective on turning and on who has done what at various stages in their turning careers. The banquet took place on the Saturday evening and this year, during the event, Vic Wood was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his services to turning. Everyone felt that this was a much-deserved award for someone who has spent a lifetime teaching and helping people.

As with any event, the ability to see various things and meet up with people in an environment where every element is specifically geared to allow people to learn and share is an absolute pleasure. Following are a few images of the things I saw there, which I hope will whet your appetite.

The date for next year's event has not yet been decided, but we will bring you all the details once they are made available to us.

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Utah Symposium Demonstrators

Alan Lacer
Andy Cole
Clinton Biggs
Cynthia Gibson
Dale Nish
David Drescher
Dennis Liggett
Jerry Sambrook
Joe Herrmann
John Wessels
J Paul Fennell
Ken Wraight
Kip Christensen
Kurt Hertzog
Mark Baker
Mark Supik
Mary Lacer
Mick Hanbury
Mike Mahoney
Nick Arnull
Steve Hagen
Tim Heil
Vic Wood

Youth Hands-on Woodturning Workshop

This year the Utah Woodturning Symposium decided to try something new – a Youth Hands-on Woodturning Workshop. During each of the 10 daytime rotations, an instructor taught six young turners how to make a finished project. A different project was covered in each session and youngsters could sign up for a maximum of three sessions. A sign-up sheet was made available at the registration desk, and places were offered on a first-come, first-served basis. The classes took place on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. There was no charge for the workshop and all tools and materials were provided.

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