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Monday 1 July 2013

Jim Scarsella's work is influenced by his interest in plants, gardening and the natural world. He shares this piece from his 'Consumed' series

Consumed III, walnut, 150 x 100mm (PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF JIM SCARSELLA)

Consumed III, walnut, 150 x 100mm (PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF JIM SCARSELLA)

Jim has always marvelled at the 'random order' found in nature. In his opinion, there isn't always a discernable pattern or even a coherent coordination to the shapes and colours found in the natural world. Yet within this apparent jumbled disarray of form there is actually an organised design that greatly appeals to our innate sense of aesthetic. Therefore, he often looks to nature, specifically through his interest in plants and gardening, to find inspiration for his work.

In Jim's current series 'Consumed,' he tries to evoke the sense that the vessel is actually being overtaken by the floral elements, rather than just having its surface decorated by them.

In this piece, 'Consumed III', he began to experiment with the addition of some applied elements in an attempt to accentuate that natural, random, fluid feeling. Jim likes how the well defined form and monotone of the vessel interplays with the less orderly shapes and vivid colours of the foliage.

This 150 x 100mm walnut (Juglans regia) hollow form was turned with a thick wall below the dome - measuring about 11mm - to allow for the deep relief carving. The foliage elements that extend above the dome were carved and finished separately, and applied after the painting was completed. Careful consideration matching design with wood grain was used to help ensure the strength of the applied elements. Jim uses a combination of power carving and pyrography to create the carved elements, and colours them with a combination of dyes and acrylic paints applied both by airbrush and hand. Finally the piece was sealed with several coats of sprayed satin lacquer.

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