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Up to my neck in it...


Mark Baker

20 June 2017

As I write this I am, as the title says, up to my neck in things trying to make sure everything is done in an orderly manner in the time slots prescribed. To compound time issues, I am about to visit the AAW symposium in Kansas city – no pun intended, but a flying visit time wise, will see me fly ou ...

Woodworking clubs & organisations


Mark Baker

22 May 2017

As I travel about seeing various people, items, events and so on, it is evident that there is a lot of activity on the part of people, manufacturers and organisations to develop ideas and to get them done.

AWGB’s 30th anniversary birthday bash


Mark Baker

17 March 2017

I had the pleasure of attending an event at The Suffolk & Midcoastal Woodturners - www.suffolkmidcoastalwoodturners.co.uk - on Saturday, where Andrew Hall was the guest demonstrator for the day. The event was part of the AWGB’s 30th anniversary birthday bash: www.awgb.co.uk/30th-anniversary-birt ...

It's goodbye from me

Briony Darnley

7 March 2017

So, I’m very sad to say that today is my last day at GMC Publications, working as Deputy Editor on the four Woodworking magazines. I came to GMC as Editorial Assistant to Woodturning, Woodcarving, Furniture & Cabinetmaking and Woodworking Plans & Projects (now Woodworking Crafts) three years ...

Workshop heating

Mark Baker

16 February 2017

As I look out of the office window at the sunshine over the South Downs, I am mindful of how we are still in Winter and that while it is a warm(ish) day today, the temperature fluctuates from quite mild to cold, quickly. A lot of chatter has occurred recently about workshop heating. It always does t ...

Working methods

Mark Baker

3 February 2017

There are many times when I ask myself why I bother and care so much. Let me put that in context. I have encountered and written about this type of encounter before, but it is worth commenting on again. A few people have asked me specifically how to do something or how to tackle an issue, and me bei ...

My Christmas break


Mark Baker

9 January 2017

Let me start of by wishing you a Happy New Year. I trust you are now fully recovered from the various exertions, dashing about and fun of the festive season? I avoided most of it by going away with my wife to visit friends in the very cold climes of mountainous Canada.   Johnston canyon upper falls  ...

Holiday cheer


Mark Baker

19 December 2016

It’s almost that time again for us to take a well-earned break over the Christmas holiday. Just before then, however, we need to get a couple of magazines finished off and sorted so there’s no hiccups while everyone is away and so there’s no panic when we get back. I hate it when the best-laid plans ...

The Christmas break


Mark Baker

12 December 2016

Oh how quickly Christmas has come around. As I get older time just seems to go faster. Mind you, with my life being mapped out by deadlines and my days being dictated by places to be on certain days, my perception of days may be different to yours. It certainly makes for interesting times. That said ...

The three 'F's of turning


Mark Baker

30 November 2016

I have, as always, been busy and I was in Ireland last Friday and Saturday at W. H. Raitts store in Stanorlar, Co Donegal. The trip and show was great, and it was nice to be able to catch up with turners I hadn’t seen for a few years. It was however, very cold and there was a strong hoar frost on bo ...

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