Mark Baker

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Most people are now well and truly in the preparation for Christmas mode. I see the scramble in shops to get the presents and food already. The food will no doubt go in the freezer but with the size of the trolleys one would think that dinners for 100 people or so being undertaken.

We will have 11 round for Christmas lunch and two dogs. The last time one of the dogs was with us he jumped up on the couch and then did a flying leap onto the half –prepared table only to snaffle the prosciutto and salami. When we arrived I swear he had a big grin on his face. I know it was out fault. We did chuckle but ended up having chicken instead. This is the same dog that managed four months earlier, to jump up and down by the kitchen table and inch a whole banana cake towards him with successive swipes of his paws and ate half of it before we found out. I admit I did chuckle, but not so he could see me. I am on sentry duty Christmas day guarding the food in the dining room.

Anyway, if you have not made all your presents yet, time really is getting short. Not to rub salt in one’s wounds, but I have made all mine, and have but to apply the final coat of finish and then they need to be wrapped. I have then one more present to buy. I have not received an answer as to what they would like yet, but I need to find out.

I am hearing about many wonderful things being made and if I am able to obtain pictures I will feature them in due course. There is something about Christmas where people have a bit more fun in what they make.

Whatever you end up making please do let me know. It is a real treat to see such work. I count it as a privilege to be able to do so.

On a different note, the colder nights and days are upon us and one issue that crops up for many people is heating and keeping warm in the workshop. How do you heat your workshop?

On that note, I am now wrapping up warm and loading up the car.

Have fun,


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