Autumn is here


Mark Baker

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Autumn is here.

The leaves on some of my maple trees are changing colour now. Looking down from the office window over the lower levels of Lewes, many of the trees in view are in various stages of that leaf colour change. I love this time of year. In fact autumn and spring are my two favourite months. I love seeing the growth in spring and the colours develop and likewise, the colours and changes in autumn and the slow but inexorable decline of the plants into their winter slumber.

Now--nearly having got poetic there-- it is also the time that many trees are cut down and my tree-surgeon friends, or fellow turners, will notify me of any timber they think I will like. That is always fun, but I have the dilemma of where to store it all. I think if we are honest, we all have too much timber in our stores and truthfully, much of it will never be used. I’ve had wet timber that was meant to be used quickly, wrapped and sealed to prevent splitting, but which by the time I got round to using it had turned black with mould and rotted. What a waste! And my fault for being so slow to work with it. Oh well, I live and learn. 

A selection of the Oxfordshire Woodturners Club display


On different note, I recently visited Oxfordshire Woodturners, ( and was asked to comment on their display of member’s work. It was a great display but being asked to comment on the work was a daunting task. One thing is absolutely certain and that is many clubs no longer have a display of member’s work, but when they do there is usually some stunning work on display.

Multi-axis ply turning



I know that many turners are reticent about placing their work on display and understand the many reasons why they choose not to. That said it is also nice to share what you have made with encouraging club members and hopefully inspire others to do likewise.


A wine bottle pepper mill

Anyway, back to the Oxfordshire Woodturners, I think you will agree from the pictures that there are some very clever and well-crafted items on display.

Let me know if your club still asks for work to be put on display each event.


Have fun,


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