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Mark Baker

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I have just about caught up from being away at the AAW, ploughing though the various things that need attention, and it is only in the quieter times at night when there is time to reflect upon conversations, events and what one has seen that there is any ways one can properly sequence things.

he AAW symposium, this year held in Kansas City, is without doubt a visual overload and a whirlwind of activity centered around three and a half days. The amount of meetings, contacts and things to see means that anyone who says they were not busy probably missed a building. The instant gallery remains the largest of its kind and that alone will take a few trips bask to it to properly see everything that is there. The diversity and beauty of the work on display is mind blowing. The routes people are taking with their work is wonderful and it is brilliant that people are having fun pursuing their creative passions. Then there are the special exhibitions, the demonstrations, the tool show and of course meeting new people and catching up with friends.

I am still working through all my notes concerning things I need to do and people to contact. I love the bustle and vibrancy of these events, but rest assured they take their toll. Some call such trips jollies and yes, I have a jolly good time, but the payback in tiredness and airport delays - I got back a day late due to plane delays - and the time lag can be a real pain especially if it is a fly in and immediately fly back scenario. That last bit is the norm due to any extra time will cause problems magazine processing wise.

Don’t feel sorry for me, it is a real privilege to be able to attend such things and this is part and parcel of being an editor so my room at the end of the day is my quiet space to gather and process my thoughts.

So I can assure you that such trips are not a holiday. But they are very much worthwhile. We are after all a huge family and are all striving to improve, share and work together for the betterment of all. I am privileged to be part of the family.

Let me know what you have been turning lately and have fun,


Cup by Mike Mahoney

Erosion of liberty by Pat & Karen Miller

From Above by Mariltn Campbell

Katamdu by Jennifer Anderson

Part of a display of work form the Women in turning group

Trio of work by John Wessels

Work by Keith Holt



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