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Mark Baker

Friday, February 3, 2017

There are many times when I ask myself why I bother and care so much. Let me put that in context. I have encountered and written about this type of encounter before, but it is worth commenting on again.

A few people have asked me specifically how to do something or how to tackle an issue, and me being me, I have given a selection of options for them to choose from as to how they might solve or tackle that which they asked about. In addition to the above made suggestions, I listed the pros and cons of the various options and tool requirements. So, I thought that I had given as comprehensive an answer as possible to the questions asked and felt they were able then to use one of the suggestions effectively with the kit they had. In all cases, the response was met with negativity and effectively told that they did not want to use any of those methods. You know where this is going. I then asked what it was they wished to do then, and was given their preferred working method. I pondered this as it occurred to me if they knew their preferred working method why not use it. Of course, if they were unsure as to whether it was safe and the pros and cons of using that method were not known, asking questions is vital, but if they already knew how they wanted to work, why did they not start by saying ‘I want to do this and would like to tackle it by doing this’?

Hmmm! I asked them why they asked for options as to how to do something and didn’t mention that they knew how they wanted to tackle their issue. One said that they wanted confirmation as to technique. Sadly, once I knew what technique one person wanted to use I pointed out that their choice was unsafe due to inappropriate tools they proposed to use, and worse still, in the wrong way the tools were designed to be used, likely to result in a severe catch and high likelihood of them also breaking the tool. The other person proceeded to favour their technique irrespective of the fact that they would need to buy kit they did not have and even if they did go down their route it would not be as efficient, not create as clean a surface as the other options given, would take more time and end up spending money they did not need to and have a reasonable increase in them breaking through the side wall of the work. I am saying nothing…

Of course, we are all free to choose the routes to do something. But please do not ask people questions and request advice if you are not prepared to consider properly what is offered.

All I ever ask is that people select a route to do something using the right tools in the right way and make what it is you are doing as safe as you possibly can. There are always options as to how to tackle things, some better than others but the trade off on some aspects is acceptable as long as safety is not compromised.

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