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Needing space

Mark Baker

30 September 2016

As we move in to the autumn months it is interesting to note that there has been a significant increase in the number of questions being asked. It coincides exactly with the start of people getting back in the workshop after holidays, gardening and such like during the spring and summer months. One  ...



Mark Baker (Group Editor)

14 September 2016

As I ponder further into my thoughts about what I need my workshop for and what I want out of it, I’m mindful of how lucky I am to have any space at all that I can dedicate to a workshop. Many people don’t have a lot of space at all so my area of workshop, 5 x 3m is large in comparison to others. Mi ...


Mark Baker

6 September 2016

I am, as you can gather, always trying to juggle time effectively and like everyone, sometimes I do that better than others. Being able to prioritise things is an important skill to learn, but one issue I have trouble with is the increase in requests from people who all want things now. People say t ...

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