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A new member


Briony Darnley

18 August 2016

Here at the woodworking department, we would like to introduce to you the new member of our editorial team! We now have Tamara Birch working with us, who will be working alongside myself, and Jane Roe, across all four woodworking magazines. And now I’ll pass over to Tamara, to tell you a little bit  ...

Magazine content and reader feedback


Mark Baker

11 August 2016

I have been busy sorting out magazine things - when am I not busy on the magazines? - and tinkering with content and presentation a bit. There is always a sense of excitement when I hear what people want to see, and then - along with the team - try to deliver that in the magazines. I like the fact t ...

Weekend work


Mark Baker

3 August 2016

I spent most of the weekend - except a small trip to the cinema - clearing out the workshop - well, as much I could handle anyway - and starting afresh as a new week began. I set about painting some of the exposed, accessible, and ceiling section that was a job half done as I get distracted by other ...

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