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Mark Baker

27 July 2016

I am frustrated by Essex today. It seems that everything I touch or get involved in project-wise seems to go wrong lately or they don’t quite work, or needs to be revisited and it’s bugging me. It is interesting when days or even longer periods of time end up like this. It is a challenge mentally an ...

Keeping busy


Mark Baker

19 July 2016

I had a busy weekend in as much as I repaired the garage door and took pictures for an article on it. Since my garage doors will not open - I do not want them to be - the repair was made all the more tricky so as not to allow water ingress into any joints. I love challenges! All the garage door need ...

Reversing turned work


Mark Baker

6 July 2016

As craftspeople we all face challenges of how to make things, how to solve problems we encounter, how to work smarter, quicker, easier and hopefully save some money along the way too. OK, scrub that last one, I do not know of anyone who does not overspend on their hobbies, but that is another story  ...

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