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Workshop tidy up


Mark Baker

29 June 2016

I have heard a lot of people talking about workshops recently, about how they are used and indeed how often they are actually used as workshops. I have been asked about my workshop tidy up by quite a few people of late and it should come as no surprise that having mentioned many times I need to get  ...

Event organisation


Mark Baker

22 June 2016

I am back in the office now, having been away at the AAW symposium and also taking a few days holiday. I had an excellent time. I am also mindful that last weekend we saw the UKIWS (UK and Ireland Woodturning Symposium) event - the first one by these organisers - which took place in Coventry, Englan ...

Woodworks@Daventry 2016


Mark Baker

6 June 2016

I bang on about people needing to have fun when turning and when I was at the recent Woodworks@Daventry 2016 event, I certainly found that people were doing just that. There were certainly a huge variety of turnings on display and many made me smile. The birds and penguin certainly made me smile, bu ...

Variety in work


Mark Baker

1 June 2016

This week and next will be, to put it bluntly, nuts! I have only four days in the office and two out of the office on various visits before I go to the AAW in Atlanta next week. You know that cry of ‘there is so much to do, with so little time’? Well, I think this qualifies as being so and I am not  ...

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