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Article writing


Mark Baker

23 May 2016

I am working on a new series for the magazine at the moment, and trying to juggle time so I can get to the workshop and photograph the various articles that go to make up the series. Critical analysis is important. Who is the article aimed at? Is the article aimed at beginners, intermediate or advan ...



Mark Baker

19 May 2016

I mentioned I was out and about recently at various clubs and I have to say that with one club to go, I have had a great time. It is lovely meeting up with people and hearing what they have to say and learning what they wish to do. I have one more club to visit this weekend and then the next big tri ...

Club visits


Mark Baker

12 May 2016

The sun is finally here and it means that I can do more outside work – that is once I have got back from my travels to various clubs this month. Mind you, it will probably be raining by then, so maybe no outdoor work can done. It is the garage door that I need to deal with asap, and yes it is now ur ...

Workshop organisation


Mark Baker

5 May 2016

Some of you know already, but we work on the top floor of an office in Lewes and the view from the window – which usually has blinds pulled down to block out sunlight which shines directly on our screens – can be quite stunning. Well, we had various flurries of snow last week and it provided an inte ...

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