Mark Baker

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It is always interesting talking to people and finding out what they are doing. Many comment they belong to a club but some also comment they do not belong to a ‘physical’ club where they go and meet, instead it is an online community – one or more - they belong to. Many comment they gain a lot from belonging to clubs and online communities and enjoy them. Some have commented that they enjoyed them to start with but then stopped going or visiting after a while due to getting bored, there being nothing new for them, they are no longer relevant and, in the case of online communities, I have often heard people say they were spending far too much time keeping track of everything – new posts and comments and feedback and such like – and not spending time making anything. Hmmm! It is a tricky balance juggling everything. I know I cannot get the balance right all of the time and workshop time suffers, or any other things I need to do come to think of that.

We all know that there are myriad ways and options for us as to how we access. Theoretical knowledge is a great thing, but we all know that theory and practice often don’t coexist easily so we go try something armed with the knowledge we have gleaned from various sources and then solve problems as we come across them, again using knowledge learned or, by the good old method called trial and error.

The Facebook and Twitter accounts for work aside, I must admit to not having a personal Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts. There is already so much to do in so little time that I have a wickedly hard job of juggling things at times so ever more things that are no doubt good in ways, can also be added extras to juggle. I note my family members ‘watching TV’ – that is what they tell me – actually having their phones ping every few seconds with updates, new postings and looking at the latest picture of a cat, a dog doing something similar or what someone just ate but, of course, they are watching TV. Honest!

I think there is a case of information overload and we all need to work out what we need to know, when we need to know it and where and how we can get that relevant information.

Belonging to communities whether physical or internet based is a great thing and very enjoyable but balance is everything otherwise things become a chore.

Have fun,


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