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Midlands Woodworking show


Mark Baker

22 March 2016

I was at the Newark showground this weekend at the Midlands Woodworking show. I was there the first year this show occurred and, this being the third year, what a difference the time has made. Firstly, there were more exhibitors and secondly, far more people came to the show than the first year. A l ...

Important contacts


Mark Baker

15 March 2016

In my last blog I talked about balance in what we do and getting the mix of everything right. That is, as we know, a hard one to get right, something often is just off in the mix, or if we get a can you just do this job, or something bad happens like a broken patio door double glazed unit – don’t as ...



Mark Baker

9 March 2016

It is always interesting talking to people and finding out what they are doing. Many comment they belong to a club but some also comment they do not belong to a ‘physical’ club where they go and meet, instead it is an online community – one or more - they belong to. Many comment they gain a lot from ...

To do list...


Mark Baker

1 March 2016

As I write this blog and I am still trying - I have to say somewhat unsuccessfully - to finish everything off that is on my to do list. I suppose many of us are in that situation and it ever remains the status quo. As I finish something, something else comes along to take its place. I know nature ab ...

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