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Turning clubs


Mark Baker

23 February 2016

For the last month or so I have been burning the midnight oil and getting up earlier than the birds, to get a lot of things done and I must admit to being shattered. I have been fortunate to visit quite a few clubs recently and have to say that I had a lot of fun at each one. It is nice that each ha ...

Turning as a hobby


Mark Baker

9 February 2016

Taking up any hobby is a very personal thing and who is to say what one gravitates towards or intrigues people enough for them to want to know more a about it. Often we are influenced by what our family members and close circle of friends do, but with woodworking of any sort there seems to be less p ...

Turning mistakes


Mark Baker

3 February 2016

There are always days when things don’t got right and I had one of those days a few weeks back, when I cut through the bottom of a bowl. I made that famous, or should I say infamous one last cut and lo and behold I went through the bottom. I heard the sound change during the cut and there is nothing ...

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